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Welcome To My Portfolio

Art and Life blend seamlessly in my work, creating paintings  inspired by personal experiences and social conditions that transcends into thoughtfully philosophical depictions.  Many of my paintings are figurative abstract paintings expressing human challenges, stories and celebrations that have morphed over decades of experimentation, which has created a richer and  more sophisticated surface in my newer works. 

I am interested in collaborating with galleries and collectors as a contemporary artist. I believe that my experience, artistic style and passion for the work could bring significant value to you.  Currently, I am seeking to broaden my representation through exposure in the United States and Europe.  

I am a seasoned, career level artist, with my own gallery in Latin America.  I have consistently achieved a presence and sales and have built a strong reputation in the art market. My work delves into engaging themes, creating bold and captivating pieces that appeal to art collectors worldwide. 

I can be reached at +1-858 261-8129 

Thank you for your time and consideration.


The experience of creating, has a sense of wonder for me,  enough that I, my personal "I", disappears and the work takes on a life of it's own. 

Many of my collections, past and present are my visceral response to a world out of balance, and how it impacts my thought process. 

It is subtle social commentary that speaks of my hope for change in the human condition, especially women's slide from center. 

Sharing the awareness of beauty in nature, through color and design, and in the figurative abstraction, helps to pull ME back to center in the creating of it. 

I have organized Collections so that I am able to move from one idea to another that dance through my thoughts daily.  Some past collections are available as Limited edition giclee prints.  

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Contact Me
It is my hope that you will find my work compelling, enough for you to find
perfect works for your home or business, that makes you pause and contemplate with wonder, every time you pass by.  It  is an artistic triumph for me when this occurs. Please contact me for representation, design consultations, commissions or licensing contracts by clicking on my contact page.

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